Forbo Furniture Linoleum - Aquavert

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Forbo Desktop Furniture Linoleum - Aquavert - is a unique surfacing material for furniture designs such as desks, stools, cabinets, doors and displays. It is renowned for its elegance and durability and being made of natural ingredients, a sustainable surface choice.

Easy to apply: Flexible, organic shapes can be created by Furniture Linoleum as it is naturally flexible. It is supplied in a roll format and can be applied both horizontally and vertically, as well as to curved surfaces. 

Hygienic & antistatic: The natural composition and the special surface finish ensure that Furniture Linoleum is naturally antistatic. The surface actively resists the build-up of static charges and prevents dust or dirt from sticking to the surface. 

No marks from fingerprints: This natural surface linoleum has an earthy, solid quality to it and has one other unique feature: it doesn't show fingerprints! 

Buying / Ordering guide for this product:

Marmoleum Desktop Furniture Linoleum thickness is .080 thick or 2.0 mm.

Rolls are 98 feet long x 72" in wide - Only buy what you need.

It is cut to length off the roll with increments of 18 inches being one square yard.

For example, purchasing a quantity of 2 will get you a piece that is 72" x 36" which is 18 square feet and 2 square yards.

Typical Uses: 

Countertops, furniture panels, wall panels. 

Volume Purchase Panel Quotations: 

Please forward your project name, specifications with panel sizes, substrate, quantities and project timing to and we will get back to you with any questions. 

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