Forbo Project Vinyl Eternal Wood 10232 Dark Walnut

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  • Item #: FPV-EW-10232
  • Manufacturer: Forbo
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: FPV-EW-10232
  • Condition: New
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Forbo Eternal vinyl floors present an advanced range of natural wood, stone, textile and colour designs along with some exclusive digitally printed visuals. Eternal is a high tech heterogeneous compact sheet vinyl that fits all general purpose needs in various segments. It is produced with the latest technology containing up to 50% recycled content and is 100% phthalate free.

All Eternal floor coverings consist of a 0.7 wear layer that ensures maximum wear resistance and excellent appearance retention.

Buying Guide: Rolls are 82ft long x 79in wide - Buy what you need - Cut to length off the roll in increments of 16.4 inches. For Example: A quantity of 1 will get you a piece that is 79" x 16.4" which is 9 square feet (1 square yard).

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